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Lychee is a subtropical fruit originating in South China. The lychee fruit is about 1½ to 2 inches in size, with bumpy red skin and an oval to rounded heart-shape. Once the peel is removed, the flesh of lychee fruit is white or pinkish, translucent and glossy like the consistency of a grape. Lychee fruit is high in the antioxidant Vitamin C and essential mineral Potassium. 

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Available Late May to early July 2021

Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)

When is lychee season?
In the South-Florida region—where we grow our lychees—the season is from late May to early July.

Can I pre-order lychees for this coming season?
Yes, we will start taking pre-orders in mid-March. We should have a form available on this page by then. Soon, we will also have a newsletter you can subscribe to, so you don’t miss out. 
The important thing to know about lychee season is that it goes fast. We have to sell our lychees fresh and move our stock as fast as possible. During that short window, what we don’t sell directly to you, we sell wholesale. 
We always regret it when we can’t get lychees to everyone who wants them in a particular season, so we will try our best to keep you up to date.  

Which lychees varieties do you grow?

Brewster lychees, Mauritius lychees, and a limited quantity of Sweetheart lychees (Hak Ip).
The majority of what we grow are the Brewster variety.
The Sweetheart lychees we grow are currently only sold locally and for an additional cost. We may offer these online in the future. 

Can I order a specific lychee variety?

Sorry, we aren't allowing online orders to specify lychee variety right now. 

Can I pick lychees myself at the farm?

Unfortunately, during lychee season, activity on the farm is in high gear. It would be too challenging for us to also handle guests picking lychees during that time.

More frequently-asked questions

How to pronounce lychee?
The typical American pronunciation is lee-chee.
That is in contrast to the British pronunciation, which is lai-chee.
And lastly, there is the Chinese pronunciation. 

What’s the difference between lychee and litchi?
They are the same fruit. Both words come from Chinese, but lychee comes from the Cantanose word for the fruit while litchi comes from the Mandarin word for it. Interesting, huh? 

How to eat lychees?
That's right. This ain't no grape. You can't just pop ‘em. You gotta peel them, but like everyone else who has tried lychee, you are going to soon start to wonder how do I get as many of these things inside my mouth as fast as humanly possible? 
The trick is to not peel the whole thing—just peel off half the shell. Then use the
other half as a holder, and bring the lychee to your mouth, then squeeze. Yum. Now do that 500 more times.
NOTE: Definitive how-to-eat-a-lychee video coming soon.

Can you freeze lychees?
Absolutely! You can put them in a ziplock freezer bag and toss them in the freezer. They will stay good for 6-12 months. When you are ready to eat them, let them thaw and then enjoy.

What else can you do with lychees?
There’s a bunch. You can use them in cooking... You can make a mango lychee smoothie... 
You can make a lychee cocktail, like a lychee martini. Some people even make lychee sake or a lychee sake-tini blush. Woah!

What are the benefits of lychee?
They generally help with contentment with one’s existence as a human being. Side effects may include intense pleasure and overwhelming good taste.  

What does lychee taste like? 
It is a combination of sweet and tart but with an additional element that is not describable—a flavor that is unique to lychees. One can only experience it to truly know. :) 

Where to buy lychees?
Well.... you can of course go to your local Asian grocery store and pick some up. Maybe even your local mainstream grocery store has them in stock occasionally. Those are nice introductions to the fruit. However, nothing compares to getting fresh lychees delivered to you. 

The bright red color and full taste are simply incomparable. So when lychee season comes around, we suggest you order from us. And if you want more proof just see our reviews on Google. You’re going to wish you ordered more.