Mango Leaf

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Mango leaves have many aesthetic, religious, and health uses.

They are often used in Hindu religious ceremonies. Mango leaves are placed on the kalasha, or water pot, before ceremonies, along with a single coconut. The leaves signify the limbs of the Gods while the coconut represents the head. Alternatively, the mango leaves are also believed to be a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. There are many other connections between mango leaves and Hindu scripture. You may also see mango leaves hanging from the doors and windows of homes or buildings. They are thought to keep out negative spiritual energy.

Beyond cultural significance, the mango leaf is thought to have numerous health benefits and can be used to make teas and balms to treat ailments. Many believe that drinking mango leaf tea can help regulate insulin levels for those suffering from diabetes, as they contain significant stores of vitamins and nutrients that are thought to be beneficial. 

The leaves are also a beautiful decoration for homes and events, bringing in a tropical ambiance. They are especially great because they last for several days before turning brown.

If you are trying to store mango leaves for many days, place them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator - this will maintain the freshness of the leaves for a longer time

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