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For general questions and inquiries contact us through Facebook Messenger.

You can also email us at (not clickable)


We are located at: 3160 D Rd. Loxahatchee Groves, Fl, 33470 

Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)

When are you open?

We are generally only open by appointment. If you would like to come in to pick up your order, please message us to make an appointment. 

Do you offer a CSA? (subscription service)

No, we don’t currently offer one. This is something we might consider in the future.

Do you sell products wholesale?

Yes, but currently we only sell lychees wholesale. Please contact us if you are interested.

Can I pick fruits on my own?

Unfortunately, during our busy seasons, activity on the farm is in high gear. We’re unable to allow guests to pick fruit during those times. In quieter seasons, we have given tours of the farm. However, given the pandemic, we are holding off on any tours for a while. 

Why don't you offer budget shipping options like USPS or ground-based services?

We may offer these options in the future. We have used these methods before and have had success, but it depends on various conditions—which products, what season, how far, etc. We can’t always guarantee the produce arriving in perfect condition. 

So for now, we are only offering methods that we have high confidence in. You will generally find that our prices on FedEx overnight are excellent, and you will be further impressed by the freshness of your order when you get it. 

When do lychees come back in stock

Please see the lychee page for more info.

Can I stay at Naga Gardens?

Yes, we have a studio available for rent year-round. We host many people looking for a quiet place in nature or easy access to the equestrian community in the area. Please book it on Airbnb

Can I rent event space at Naga Gardens? 

Yes, please contact us, so we can learn more about what you are looking for.