Shipping Info

How We Ship: 

UPS, FedEx, Delta Cargo, Southwest Cargo, Local Pickup 

We ensure that your order arrives in great condition. We take all the necessary precautions to protect your purchase including the use of insulated shipping bags and ice packs depending on the needs of the product. 


If you are in the state of Florida, please do use our website to order. Our shipping rates have been updated to take into account the lower cost of shipping within Florida.



According to California agricultural laws, we are not allowed to ship to addresses within California.


Special Considerations:

Although we take all efforts to ensure you produce gets to you in great condition, we can not take on responsibility for what happens in transit. With that said, we will always try to do right by our customers and handle things on a case-by-case basis. 

One of the simplest ways you can help with getting a great result is by having your package shipped to a location where you will be able to receive it during the day.

Our UPS Next Day Air and FedEx Priority Overnight packages arrive around 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (noon). If you can take your package inside soon after delivery, it will be that much better for the quality of your order. 


Shipping Options:

👉 NOTE: Please switch between shipping and local pickup on both the cart page and the checkout page of the checkout process. 


       -UPS Next Day Air and FedEx Priority Overnight

Shipments go out Monday-Wednesday and sometimes Thursday (weather permitting). Delivered direct to your address overnight. Arrives next day morning or noon (around 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM). Generally, this is our recommended shipping method. 

Minimum shipping charge is for 10 lbs (actual weight varies between 13-15 lbs with packaging).

For destinations within most of Florida it is between ($40 - $50). For destinations outside of Florida it ranges between ($70 - $80). 

Beyond 10 pounds, rates scale up with each additional pound, but it becomes cheaper and cheaper on a per pound basis.


- Delta or Southwest Cargo

Shipments go out Mon - Wed. Ships to the Delta or Southwest cargo terminal at your local airport. Arrives in less than 24 hours. Recommended for larger orders (> 40 lbs). 

This option is only available in certain cities. The full list of cities with a Southwest cargo facility is available here. For Delta cargo, check for your closest facility here.

Also only available if total order weight is 40 lbs or greater. 

$70 flat-rate up to 50 pounds,  $1.25/lb for every pound after 50 pounds. 


-Local Pickup 

This allows you to pick your order up at the farm. You can select this option during check out.